Turkey, what can you say about Turkey? People who have never been to Turkey don’t like it. I was the same until I went with my girlfriend, now wife, back in August 2008. I was sceptical because of all the horror stories that I had heard through the media and what happens at football stadiums in Instanbul and other stadiums around the country. However, within one day all of my fears and anxieties were completely swept away by the wonderful and charming people of Bodrum.

My employer asked me to go to both Bodrum and Dalaman last year to photograph hotels in and around the resorts and again I was wonderfully blown away by their generosity, kindness and warm nature. The agents in both resorts were truly amazing and could not have helped me anymore in everything that I needed. The people are not only generous and kind but, by god they can cook. The food is unbelievable. Every restaurant, cafe and bar had great food for very little cost. It really is a place to visit and there is a lot of Turkey that I have not visited, something that I would like to rectify.

Ive added some pictures to show the resorts in and around Dalaman and are all copyrighted to jet2.com.

I hope you enjoy.

Much love