Prague, its kind of famous in Britain as a great destination for Stag and Hen parties. Cheap beer and a great night out. To be honest, the beer is great and the nights out are good but what makes it pretty bad is the Stag and Hen parties. As for the other 99% of Prague its a wonderful, diverse and culturally amazing city. Ive been to Prague 3 times now and love the people and always find something new to look at in and around the city. Its a destination that is small enough for you to walk around but easily enough to use the amazing transport system that is easy and relatively cheap to use.

Prague has a number of world famous sights and are on the UNESCO list of world heritage sights. Some of these sights are listed as Prague Castle, Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, Prague astronomical clock, the Jewish Quarter, Lennon Wall and Petřín hill.

Ive added a few photos from a couple of trips last year and I hope you enjoy.

Much love