Cycling, its been a little ‘hobby’ of mine for a little while although I can honestly say that I have not been on my bike much in 2014!? So that really has to change this year! But it something that I am getting into and really enjoy watching both watching live on TV and doing it myself. I think it started back at my old job in York and when I photographed the Tour of Britain in 2010. With the amazing Grand Depart last year and photographing a few PR events for I really got into the spirit of the event. Although to be honest not only did Yorkshire get into it I think the whole country did and what a spectacle it was.

Well, I was asked by my PR manager to go and do a cycling PR shoot in Lanzarote for a number of different magazines and news papers in the UK. Who was I to say no to a trip to shoot Cycling in Lanzarote, a wonderful sunny island, to photograph a group of people on road bikes. So off we went with all the intentions of photographing in wonderful, glorious sunny weather… Well, that did not happen, apart from one day. But that one day was brilliant and we happened to go to the north of the island from Playa Blanca across some great roads. Which in turn created some great shots of the island, the roads and the cycling.

For four days I had a great time with some great people and loved doing the cycling shooting. Some of the shots have been used in the following publications;

Derby Telegraph
Cycling Weekly
and a few others.

But enough of me blowing smoke up my own backside I put a few on here for you to have a look at and I hope you enjoy.
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