Well, the past few days have really taken it out of me! I’m currently sat in McDonald’s at Sydney international airport waiting for my flight to New Zealand, pondering over the past few days! It’s been a bit of blur and I can say that if it wasn’t for Paul and Nichola being such amazing hosts, I would have slept the entire time.

I have been been shown around Sydney and managed to see everything that I needed to. But trying to remember the things I have seen is very difficult, but here we go! I have seen Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, the city, a homeless guy begging for cash for his medical insurance (has been there for 10 years), walked through numerous parks, got drunk, got very drunk, denied entry to a bar because I looked drunk! (Hadn’t even had one), thrown out of a bar because I looked too drunk (had very many), dragged to numerous ‘titty’ bars (did not enter ‘titty’ bars), had a $10 dollar steak, had a McDonalds at 3am, brought up 3am McDonalds at 8am!, spoke to some very rude Americans – but can’t remember why, walked through the ‘bush’, met Martin Sewell, got very drunk with Martin Sewell, visited summer bay, also walked, drove and slept my way through Sydney in a huge haze.

There are some things I haven’t seen or experienced, but the tiny bit that i did, was pretty ‘primo’.

Hoo roo

Much love