We after the vey long trip to Franz Joseph I managed to get a room a hostel at about 7pm. The drive was a killer but bloody worth it. The plan for the following day was to drive to Greymouth and then the day after drive to Christchurch. I woke up this morning and heard that the weather would be pretty awful the following day so I decide to drive straight to Christchurch as I wasn’t sure how mad Arthur’s pass would be as its up a mountain.

So after visiting Franz Joseph Glacier I jumped in the car and set off to Christchurch. After seeing some wonderful stuff going to Greymouth I took route 76 to Arthur’s pass. In a very simple term it’s like driving through Middle earth! I’m sure there are some scenes that I have seen in The Lord aid The Rings whilst driving over. Again this is another trip that I had to seriously watch where I was driving!

It really was pretty special and I have posted some videos on my Facebook page! I will be posting some pics when my iPad warms up! I hope you enjoy and gives you a taste of what I got when I was there