Well, after only a couple of hours sleep since Wednesday evening I arrived in Sydney with a little excitement in my step! Paul met me at the airport who was ‘stoked’ to see me and Nichola was in the car driving around the block so they could save on parking. I’m sure Paul was born in Yorkshire, he is always looking to save money and refuses to spend cash on silly stuff. 🙂

There had been a storm the night before and it was a little wet underfoot, very fresh and a little cold, not the weather I was expecting!

We jumped in the car and drove straight to their house, which is located north of the city. They live in a suburb which reminds of Neighbours, the TV show. The weather was starting to pick up and the sun was starting rise over the hills.

Paul had been working in Guam during the week and had picked up a virus! He tried to blame it on Nicholas cooking the night before but we all think he might of picked something up in Guam, so his stomach was playing tricks on him. He thought going to bed might be a good idea so he disappeared of to bed for an hour so I took the opportunity to get to know his future wife and ask questions about the wedding and such like.

Nichola is very organised and reminds me of Hannah. Everything is in files and knows her wedding schedule inside and out. I’ve managed to get all the names of her guests, family friends and the dynamics of how the family works. We’ve discussed the venue and what would happen if the weather changes and how adventurous they are both willing to be. By the time we had finished and Paul had arose from his power nap I found myself more excited by the prospect of what I could achieve on the day.

By this point it felt like 3pm but it was only 9am! I instantly knew that it was going to be a long day! So we got changed and headed for the city to look at some sights! When we arrived in the city by bus I found myself a little confused!? The place feels like London, but looks like New York. The road signs have a mixture of both American and the UK aesthetic. The old colonial appearance juts out like a soar thumb but then has an American twist! It’s so strange, it’s like Sydney can’t make it’s mind up, or is it that this how Sydney wants to be!? Confused.com. Anyway the city is really nice and to be honest I wish Hannah was here to experience it, my photos don’t look the same without her.



So we had walked around the city for most of the day and ended up in a pub about 1pm. My feet were killing me and my tiredness hit me . I was so tired, I think mainly from my feet hurting but I definitely needed a sleep. Knackered! So we arrived home to have a sleep so we could go back out later in the evening and meet my best mate Martin Sewell from university has been working out in Australia for a year and a half now.

I slept from about 3 to 5pm and could have honestly slept all night! But decided against it, got up and both myself and Nichola went to meet Martin. Paul’s fever had risen and he decided against going out which I think was good idea! We met for a few drinks down near the city harbour and managed to find drinks for less than $7 which I thought was a bargain considering the prices in Sydney! We had a good catchup and a few drinks which was really nice and decided not to stay out but go home and be ready for the following day. Both Paul and Nichola have got a great day planned and were gonna end up watching the Grand Final of Rugby League in a park I think!

Much love