Mr and Mrs Williams had won a free wedding in the Bahamas. However, they were unable to get everyone out at such short notice so they had wedding reception back in York when they returned.

They asked me to photograph their reception and this is my first reception that I have photographed. I have managed to get a few weddings booked this year based on my work for other clients and on the back of my work with the local schools.

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As wedding reception was on a Friday I had been keeping an eye on the dreaded weather! We all knew it was going to be a wash out but the party had to go on. I had visited the venue when we had confirmed the booking and had a vague idea of what I wanted to do. However the day before the reception I re-visited the venue as the weather was showing rain all day. Thankfully, on the day it had spared the ‘cats and dogs’ for just a few hours for us all to get around the venue ‘wet’ free, although it was soggy underfoot. All the family members who were to have their photograph taken were all understanding and very easy to work with. So thank you.

I had some very helpful tips from a very established wedding photographer who advised on how I should plan and execute a wedding. Although I totally agree that a wedding should have at least one photographer and an assistant. If I hadn’t of followed all of the tips that my ‘contact’ gave me then I would have been extremely caught short. It was stressful but extremely enjoyable.

James and Claire were both extremely helpful, understanding and very graceful. I wish them both all the happiness for the future.

Any constructive criticism will be extremely helpful.