Last October an old friend of mine contacted me from New Zealand and asked if I could do him a favour. Paul, is a Kiwi, I met him in Carlisle (I was at university there) through a mutual friend Phil Bradley. He worked at a local bar and was saving his cash to go start his next world adventure, I think it was South America. Anyway, he eventually asked Phil if we had a spare room. We did, but it was no bigger than 6ft, thankfully Paul is a short stocky Kiwi so it he fit in perfectly. The only downside was the room had no door! He had to use a sheet for nearly 6 months.

I digress, Paul and I, with another mutual friend, Tara (Pauls girlfriend at the time), decided to go to Rome. Tara and I had never been, but Paul had. So we set off and spent 4 days traversing Rome with my camera gear. I had not had the gear long but wanted to test it out in the field, Rome was the perfect chance. Not only that, but it would be the last time that I saw Paul and Tara as they were going onto South Africa and then back to New Zealand. 

So, last October Paul calls me from New Zealand to ask if I could photograph his wedding. Shock, was the first thing. Then the realisation that I just could not afford to buy the tickets at that time to get myself out to the other side of the world. Paul and his fiancé stopped me in my tracks and has offered to pay for my flights! I had never photographed a wedding before and was slightly nervous. I was just extremely grateful and honoured to be asked to photograph his wedding.

Well the wedding is coming up and I am due to leave next Thursday the 27th September. Excited is not even close to how im feeling and I have travelled around North America, South Africa and Europe, but this is something else. There is always the added pressure of weddings and getting it right on the day. I have had some advice from people who own a very successful photography business but when you do your own it is an extremely daunting thought. I am very lucky to have been asked and I just hope I dont let them down.

So, I have been working over a number of different projects over the year and I have been able to save some cash to get some more equipment. I have been using my D200 for about 4 years now and it has never let me down. However, knowing my luck I will arrive in Sydney and the bloody thing will stop working. So to back myself up I have invested in a second-hand D300 which has had only 11k actuations for £510. I thought it was a steal. Anyways, it arrived today and the first thing I did was attach my new Nikkor 50mm F1.4 D lens and take some pics. Thankfully my godson was at in-laws house so I decided to take some pics.

Here are some images and I was thoroughly impressed, please let me know what you think.