After last nights escapades I have woke up very drunk and tired in Martins bed! He was fast asleep curled up on the sofa like a school boy! The flat he is renting is a very small box but has one of the best views.

Anyways, at 8am and after only 4 hours sleep I woke up to text Paul and Nichola and ask if I could be picked up! At around 9am! The problem with asking such requests sometimes is that you should really stay awake and get ready!!! I woke up at 8.50! Showered, dressed, testy brushed we set off on our day adventure to Palm Beach where a famous Australian TV show is filmed. When I say famous its really popular in Britain on Channel 5!!

Before we set off I wanted to take some pictures of both Nichola and Paul with the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background! I’ve attached some of me, but again, my wonderful other half is missing!!

Anyway after about half an hour we started the hour long drive north to Summer Bay! The drive was awful and I really wanted to be sick! I’ve become a bit of a light weight in my old age!! We finally arrived in summer bay, parked up and wondered straight to the beach!! Amazing, I’ve attached my iPhone images but I couldn’t bring a Braxton back for my other half, as there was no filming that day!! Sorry Han I tried.

My hangover of death suddenly became non existent!! I wandered to the see with camera in hand and decided to wade in the water! Bloody hell, the water temperature was the same as bloody Scarborough’s on the North Sea coast! We spent the day going from place to place and viewing the sights of Home & Away!! The only reason for this was because its probably the only TV soap that I watch and it’s something Hannah and I watch together! I know, I’m a soft lad!