Well, I have now left Singapore and on a 6 hour flight to Sydney. God knows what time it is and where the hell I am!! I’m a little tired after staying up for most of the night!!

I had befriended a Scottish gentleman called Derek who believe it or not does not drink!! Confused? So was I 🙂 Anyway, we had nothing in common but we talked about work, why were travelling and he showed me his picture collection of Ford Sierra Cosworths and women’s but cheeks that were aptly stored in his iPad. I have no idea about cars but the collection of women’s but cheeks was greatly appreciated. He was very gentle fella and only about 5ft2.

When we arrived in Singapore we were greeted by some lovely Malaysian women in, what looked like yellow cashmere tops, which complimented against their wonderful dark skin. Anyway, they were both very elegant and very attractive.
We had a ponder and decided to go to the ‘Cactus Bar’ which was located on the roof! The first thing I noticed was the heat, bloody hell. The bar was covered in different types of cactus from all over the world and to the right hand side of the roof was the bar. I had a tiger beer and Derek had a Diet coke! Diet coke! Wasn’t even full fat coke! What made it even worse was he didn’t support a football club and there was Aberdeen v Motherwell on the TV! Anyway I finished my very cold Tiger beer which was a welcome refreshment and moved onto to ‘freshen up’ in the toilets at the airport. You cannot beat having a Scottish wash whilst there is a queue of men waiting to have a dump! A very bizarre situation but was worth it even though there was smells and farts coming from the cubicals!!! Things you do to stay a little fresh!

So after a little freshen up both Derek and I parted ways at the terminal and I decided to have mooch around the terminal before my gate was open.

I started to have look at iPhone cases and came across very examples. I’ve attached some to this blog but they were made of and I quote ‘Genuine Ostrich’ and ‘Genuine German Shrunkencalf’. What the hell is the last one?? Needless to say I did not buy one!! I moved onto the gate to get ready for my next flight!

I’m now enjoying another whiskey and coke and I think I’m gonna enjoy another film!

Much love x