The one reason why I wanted to visit Queenstown and New Zealand is to do a Sky Dive! Well I’ve just jumped from a plane at 15000ft with NZONE… It had taken 15 mins to get to the height and no more than 5 minutes to get down!! I weigh 97kg and the instructor weighed 95kg!!! He said we were free falling at 240kph ‘and some’ he said. Imagine trying to breath at that speed!!! It’s not easy ha.. I think the video is going to show a fat man suffocating at high speed!! There was a little cloud cover today so i didn’t get all of the scenery but the moment you come through the clouds it’s one the most amazing sightsI’ve seen!! Then the rip cord is pulled and Jesus if I was bigger than the average man in the gentleman area, I would have had serious issues. But the whole thing from start to finish was unbelievable it’s definitely the best thing I’ve done.

Thanks NZONE, Queenstown.

Pics will follow when I get my image pack delivered!