2006, Hannah decided to go to South Africa and participate in some volunteering work. Her brother and sister-in-law had been a couple of years before and had come back with tales and stories of how wonderful the country and its people were, both good and bad. The good being, how welcoming and polite people were, how wonderful the scenery and animals were literally on your doorstep. The bad, was how the Apartheid mentality still existed in pockets of society.

Despite the stories we had researched where we wanted to go and decided to go to Volunteer Africa 32 Degrees South. We decided to go between July and August 2006, it was between Hannah’s 2nd and 3rd year of university and I had just finished my graphic design degree. It was a lot of money for the both of us and we had to raise the money through sponsorship and private donations. But every penny was very well spent.

This is what they do

Volunteer Africa 32° South (VA32) is a volunteer organization based in Chintsa on the stunning Wild Coast of South Africa, offering volunteering opportunities in education, conservation & humanitarian programs in this area. Operating for 6 years, Volunteer Africa has seen 1000+ volunteers and gap year travellers take part in our life changing volunteering experiences.

The the whole team at VA 32 Degrees South were just amazing. Sean, Mike, Karen, Grant and god knows how many others were helpful on so many levels. You volunteer during the week on god knows how many projects for the local schools and then on weekends they schedule trips to near and far places. I only have great and fond memories of the place and wish I had been back. They do say though, its never too late, which I think I will have to do, some day.

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