Saturday 6th October, Paul and Nicholas wedding at the Mountain House, Stratford, Taranaki, New Zealand.

I had been with Paul and Nichola for the past week and their wedding day had finally come. The weather at 8am was great, clear blue skies, 12 degrees outside. An absolute contrast to the night before, pounding rain and tropical winds! I hardly slept, mainly because I was nervous and and wanted the day to go without a hitch! Jesus I sound like a bride!

Anyway, I knew the weather wouldn’t last as we had been watching it all week! Both Paul and Nichola had been wanting an outside ceremony and the weather was holding out! We had arranged the times the gents were getting ready and where and when Nichola was getting prepared. It was a very tight schedule which I could easily work with!

Around 11am, the clouds that had been hugging the mountain, were now starting roll down the hill and bringing the rain with it! It was decided that the ceremony should be held inside the mountain lodge. Gutted. Bloody weather. I was kind of hoping that it was a short spell but the rain from the night before really had made the ground very soft underfoot!

After I had photographed the groom and the best man I made my way down the mountain to meet Nichola getting ready. After a few hours of Nichola getting ready we made our way up the mountain to start the ceremony, I was still hoping that the rain had stopped and the sun was playing ball, just like it had at the bottom of the mountain! Working our way up the mountain I had no such luck! It was pouring it down, to make matters worse the light was horrendous. What I had been dreading all week was happening! Great location and great backdrops but unable to see them! Arrgghhh…

Anyway, the show must on! I tried to achieve the best results in the conditions I was in! It was helped by Nichola looking amazing and Paul looking better than he ever had.