Well after spending most of Thursday in Terminal 3 at Heathrow airport I finally boarded my British Airways flight to Sydney. I am currently 11 hours through a 12 hour flight and I was slightly delayed from taking off.

So far I have watched ‘Avengers’, ‘American Pie the reunion’ and now starting ’21 Jump Street’ on a ridiculously small screen which in turn has made my all ready bad eyesight a lot worse!

I have never flown with BA and I can honestly say it is the best by far… I have enjoyed the wonderful delights of a whiskey and coke (Jonny Walker Red Label), a small beer and countless coffees, orange juices and water. As for meals, well they went all out! Pasta for my main meal, which was delightful I might add. For breakfast, a wonderful all English breakfast that arrived in a small tin which obviously means it was not! I have added the pics of my meals below…

At this moment in time I am writing this blog whilst sitting in a small vestibule at 37k feet… Doesn’t get much better than this… Bring on Singapore…