The Yorkshire Dales are one of the two National Parks that are situated in Yorkshire, England. We started out as a family walk towards Mallam Tarn over the hills from Arncliffe on the opposing valley. What we wasn’t expecting what was the snowy weather up on the peaks and I nearly got my car stuck on a hill about half an hour from Arncliffe. So we decided to abandon the car at a lodge nearby and walk on a path that was barely visible because of the snow, basically it was a track for farm vehicles. So with 4 dogs and 5 adults what could possibly go wrong? Well, nothing did go wrong but we did walk 6 miles that felt more like 12 because of the 2 foot of snow in some places. Here are some of the pictures from a truly snowy, winter sun day. Great weather, great people, its always a great walk in Yorkshire Dales National Park situated in Gods own country.

Much love